Shoes: the wedding dresses of the athletic world...


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Part 1: Introduction to Wedding Dresses
The anchor of running. Literally. 
In my best estimation recommending shoes is like recommending a wedding dress:
That mermaid shape and bedazzled belt may look great on you but...

In the last few years the trends come and go: minimalist, barefoot, maximum cushion, moderate cushion, high-drop, low-drop, jaw-drop (and that's the price we're talking about)
Does it matter? Any of it?
Runhole says: Yes and No


Yes: The shoe you choose should fulfill some basic requirements:

1- they should be appropriate to the terrain you're running
2- they should NOT cause pain of any kind
3- they should fit your budget

No: It does NOT matter what the trend is. 
1- If it works for you that should be enough
2- there are successful runners wearing ever brand and model
3- just because it costs $150 doesn't mean you're getting the best shoe for you



I've tried a stomach (and wallet) -churning number of brands and models in the last few years on both ends of the spectrum of price and function. Some worked, some didn't. Most times I knew within a few miles one way or another- at least if they immediately caused pain or discomfort.

For shoes designated for long runs (in this case 25 miles+) often the real test is hidden deep into the adventure: like Chinese water torture, the length of time on feet and repetition of motion will uncover the defects that can cause a DNF*, or reduce you to a blubbering, whiny, baby. (personal experience)

There is some good information prior to buying a pair of shoes though than can at least indicate a potential issue: comments on width, sizing, wear-spot weakness, drainability. You don't need to ignore these things. At least do some foot-gazing and understand how these things might affect you.

Give yourself a fighting chance at least.
Up Next Week...
Part 2: Where to start in Deciding on a Shoe (aka roll the bones)

​*DNF = Did Not Finish